Friday, April 8, 2011

The Journey of Heart of Stone 0.5

    This week in formatting:  Rob Siders notified me that he is going on vacation.  I sent changes to the Table of Contents, because I changed the order of the pieces that follow the book:  Dedication, Thanks, Dear Reader, Bonus Short Story, and Excerpt from the next novel.  Rob can get those done when he returns.
     This week in cover art:  Wednesday, 06 April 2011, I received a draft cover art from Carl Graves.  The art needs work.  The concept is off target.


     I find it hard to believe how much energy I am expending to get this novel out.  Writing was a breeze compared to this.  The worst part is that I have no energy left for writing.  Navel of the Moon waits to be written, but so far all I have down is the prologue.
    I pray that once Heart of Stone is released that I can devote my energy to Navel of the Moon

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