Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Artists! Skid Row 'Bots needs a cover.

Skid Row 'Bots needs a cover.

So I will run a contest. [This contest is closed. 2012.07.14 Happy Bastille Day.]


Please submit, as replies to this post, your cover art for Skid Row 'Bots. One artist, one entry. I shall select the winner. The winner gets $300.00, payable by Wells Fargo Bank NA transfer (if the winner has a Wells Fargo Bank NA account) or PayPal. I get all rights to the art. (If you have other ideas about rights, please state them with your entry and whether they are negotiable.)

Contest closes 15 August 2011. Entries timestamped after that date will not be considered for the prize.

Summary of Skid Row 'Bots:

Genre: Science Fiction

Length: Short Story (~4,000 words, 16pp)

Eli Root is homeless in Memphis, Tennessee. While dumpster diving one night, he is approached by Isaac, a broken and discarded general-purpose house robot. Eli was a cybermechanic until his set of skills became obsolete. Nevertheless, he repairs Isaac. Isaac then brings him a broken house vacuum 'bot (imagine a Roomba with AI and bigger). Eli repairs it, too.

This brings us to the beginning of the key scene:

"Isaac, this fellow's in pretty bad shape," Eli said, referring to the Bujol med-aid 'bot Isaac carried in his arms. The vacuum 'bot trundled along behind Eli as he walked, Eli's belongings stowed in a makeshift rack atop its carapace. Behind the vacuum 'bot limped, slinked, and rolled a half dozen more 'bots of various ancestry and manufacture, every one of them a recipient of Eli's ministrations.

Note: I envision Isaac's 'face' to be like that of Number Five in the movie Short Circuit. It is required that the image of Isaac have binocular cameras, like Number Five. However, unlike Number Five who gets around on treads, Isaac walks on legs. You have artistic license with the rest of Isaac's 'face' but if your rendering ain't got binoc camera eyes, you ain't gonna win.

Win or not, you may be considered for other covers.

I shall announce the winner in this thread.

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