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Sunday eBook Review: Imperial Stars 3: The Crash of Empire

Jerry Pournelle (editor), Imperial Stars 3: The Crash of Empire

Product Details from Baen's Books
Published 6/1/1989
SKU: 0671698265
Ebook Price: $4.00

1. Short review: 

2. Long review:
2.1. What I liked: Imperial Stars 3 (IS3) is a collection of short stories woven around a theme. I like science fiction short stories. The editorial interludes add a great deal.
Roller-coaster or walk-in-the-park? Mostly roller coaster but quiet roller coasters. This book gives great value for your money.

Ratings by story (????? out of *****):
  1. The Crash of Empires ***
  2. Pebble Among the Stars ****
  3. The Claw and the Clock ***
  4. The Only Thing We Learn **** (A Cyril Kornbluth story. I am a big fan.)
  5. Remembering Vietnam ***
  6. Blessed Are the Meek ****
  7. Limiting Factor ****
  8. Triage ****
  9. Hyperdemocracy ***
  10. Chain Reaction ****
  11. Earthman's Burden ****
  12. Blood Bank ****
  13. Here, There Be Witches ****
  14. The Buzz of Joy ***
  15. Second Contact *****
  16. The Quest ****
2.2. What I did not like:  You will not find this book by going through Baen's author's catalog. Maybe that's because Jerry is not the author; he's the editor.

<<I don't know if anyone at Baen's Books reads this blog, but IS3 is easier to find than IS2 was. Maybe that's because I've had practice navigating their site. Follow the links: Baen's Books --> --> Jerry Pournelle --> Imperial Stars 3:  The Crash of Empire.>> 14Sep2013: This paragraph has become obsolete. The powers at Baen's Books continue to monkey with their website. WebScriptions are no longer available. I have updated all links to point to the right places.

2.3. Who I think is the audience:  Science fiction fans. Jerry Pournelle fans.

2.4. Is the book appropriate for children to read? Yes.

2.5. On the basis of reading this book, will I buy the author's next book? Yes, but this is the end of the Imperial Stars anthologies.

2.6. Other: At its very best, fiction entertains and enlightens. This book does both. Not as much as IS2, but I think Jerry prefers republics to empires.

2.7. Links:
Baen's Books, Imperial Stars 3:  The Crash of Empire
Baen's Books, Imperial Stars 2:  Republic and Empire
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2.8. Buy the book: Baen's Books, Imperial Stars 3:  The Crash of Empire

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