Friday, January 13, 2012



     I saw a report on Yahoo about Christina Aguilera's 'curves'. I discovered this is newspeak for 'she's fat'.
     I have never been a fan of Aguilera. I mean, I like some of her music, but I do not seek her out. I remember her early years when she was just another skinny female singer. The last time I saw her was on 'The Voice', and I thought, "She's filled out very nice." In her early years, she looked like a girl. Now she looks like a woman.
     Yahoo reported that Aguilera's boyfriend 'loooves' her new body. What's not to love?
     By contrast, yesterday I saw a recent picture of Angelina Jolie hefting some award she won. I noted how thin she looked and said, "Good God, girl, eat a sandwich."
     I am not in favor of the rush to Karen Carpenter thinness. Girls, forget Barbie. Yeah, some guys like stick-figure women, but they are not gonna date you anyway, because they are gay.
     Real men like real women who look like women.

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