Friday, March 30, 2012

Movie Review: John Carter deja vu

John Carter [of Mars]

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2. Long review:
I saw the movie again. I liked it as much the second time as I did the first. Which is to say a lot.

I recall Blade Runner opened to terrible reviews. Roger Ebert hated it when it was first released but years later gave it a "thumb's up".

What changed? Did Mr Ebert like the Director's Cut but not the Theatrical Cut? (I have seen both, and I prefer the Theatrical Cut. I like the '40s film-noir feel with the narration better.)

Nothing changed. Mr Ebert decided he had misjudged the film the first time.

Like Blade Runner, I think that time will turn the tide in favor of John Carter and that it will find its audience among SF and fantasy fans.

(Me? I think the movie's prologue with Zav Thaan and Matai Shang is out of place. I would move it to after John Carter arrived on Mars and make it part of his narrative. I would delete the entirety of John Carter skulking through the streets of New York City in the rain. I would start the movie with Edgar Rice Burroughs on the train, reading the telegram he received from his uncle, John Carter. That way, the entire tale is of one piece as seen through the eyes of John Carter.)

Enjoy the movie.

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