Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to make an eZine

    You see this magazine?

     I don't know if you like science fiction, but if you do, subscribe to ClarkesWorld. Neil Clarke, the publisher, leads the way in eSubmissions and eMagazine publishing. Dr Stanley Schmidt, editor of Analog, gave Mr Clarke credit for sharing his system and now Analog accepts eSubs.
     More than that, ClarkesWorld is changing style and format to better fit eReaders. For example, the em-dash. Old style manuals dictate no space before or after an em-dash; thus, "[P]eople usually merely mention this fact—doing it in a way to make a body's mouth water—and judiciously stopped (sic) there." (Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi) But Mr Clarke saw that this style can cause some awkward format adjustments on the Kindle. To avoid those, he inserts a space before and after the em-dash; thus, "[P]eople usually merely mention this fact — doing it in a way to make a body's mouth water — and judiciously stop there."
     I commend Mr Clarke for his wisdom. I shall adopt that style — a space before and after an em-dash — myself.
     Do yourself a favor. Subscribe to ClarkesWorld. It's $1.99 a month. Money well-spent.

     Yes, I am recycling this from last week. Last week, "How to lead" was the second of a double bill. "How to lose a reader" generated considerable discussion on Writers' Cafe, but "How to lead" kind of got lost. I felt bad about that. Neil Clarke deserves better, so I brought him back again.
     Every issue of ClarkesWorld includes three stories. IMO they range from good to excellent. I haven't read any story in ClarkesWorld that rivaled 'The Light of Other Days', but neither have I read any dogs.
     Look, I subscribe to Analog and ClarkesWorld. I'm thinking I may not renew my subscription to Analog. I have no such thought about ClarkesWorld.

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