Friday, May 4, 2012

eBook Review: How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle


Kate Harper, How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents

Product Details

  • File Size: 868 KB (!?)
  • Print length: 68 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • Lending: Enabled
  • Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars (83 customer reviews)
  • Price: $0.99

1. Short review: 

2. Long review:
2.1. What I liked:  Useful tips -- with step-by-step instructions and illustrations -- for publishing short pieces for the Kindle.
Roller-coaster or walk-in-the-park? Neither; non-fiction.
This book give good value for your money.

2.2. What I did not like: Nothing that I can think of.

2.3. Who I think is the audience:  Article writers. Short story writers.

2.4. Is the book appropriate for children to read?  Yes.

2.5. On the basis of reading this book, will I buy the author's next book?  Yes.

2.6. Other:  I have already used some of the tips from Ms Harper's pamphlet. She put me onto the fact that I could upload to Amazon with .doc files. (Who knew? Not me.) Because I can produce .doc files myself, I don't have to pay a formatter. (Sorry, Rob.) This means I can upload my short stories profitably.

I used the highlight and note feature of my Kindle frequently with this work. This will make it easier to find what I want when I go back and reference this work. I expect to refer to it frequently in the future.

The pamphlet takes up only 45% of the work. The rest is filled with useful appendices.

There are many illustrations in the pamphlet. These may account for the large file size.

If this sounds like a lukewarm recommendation, my apologies. It is not. I heartily recommend this pamphlet to writers. It is worth your money.

2.7. Links:  Kate Harper's blog, Facebook, Twitter

2.8. Buy the book:  How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents

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  1. No harm, no foul. I'm a big believer in the DIY ethic that self-publishing engenders. Don't get me wrong: I'm happy that people are disinclined to tackle these on their own. But I'm just as happy when people teach themselves to make their own ebooks. Glad to see you're well.