Friday, July 27, 2012

SPAM Attack

    I have not posted to The Log of the Antares since 13 July 2012. Here's why.
     Over the last two weeks, I have received numerous new comments that appear only in my email, not in the blog's comments section. Most of these seem to be directed through my post eBook Review: Flying Fury. If you look in the Comments for that post, you will see a spam posted there. It purports to come from Daniel Hirsch and compliments that post for the 'information' it contains. It ends with a sales pitch and a link. 
     All the other spams I have received follow a similar format. They all compliment the post for the 'information' it contains and follow with a sales pitch and a link. I am especially fond of the one that began 'Greetings from Idaho!' and ended with a link to a lawyer -- in Rome, Italy. 
     I do not know if these spammers are sending malware. I run Linux and, therefore, am immune to Windows worms. Warning: If you run Windows, do not follow the link! I do not know that the link uploads malware, but I advise you not to take that risk.
     Speaking of dead bodies, I see that Windows users now account for 85% of all my pageviews and Linux users only 9%. Usually Windows users account for less than 75% of all pageviews and Linux and mobile device OS percentages run higher.
     Most of my pageviews are in the US, and Russia runs a distant second. That the Russians like my blog does not worry me. I get a lot of pageviews in Russia and Latvia. 
     Atypically, Italy has moved up to third. A month ago, no one in Italy visited my blog. Now they're third? Hmmm. I also have hits from Indonesia, Taiwan, and Israel that arouse my suspicions. Not that I have anything against Indonesians, Taiwanese, or Israelis, but a month ago they were not coming to my blog. Now I get spammed and they are here. 
     If you have a similar experience, please leave a comment below. If you spam me, please be advised that I will attack your site.

     I have posts backlogged. What with writing and the Olympics, it's gonna be a busy weekend.

     Back soon with more posts.

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