Friday, March 18, 2011

The Journey of Heart of Stone 0.1

     This week in formatting:  Thursday, 17 March 2011 (2011.03.17), Mr Rob Siders wrote for clarification on some formatting marks in my manuscript.  I answered, and that day we exchanged five emails about the manuscript.  Mr Siders's questions about small matters give me confidence in his diligence and attention to detail. 
     This week in cover art:  No news.


     By the end of August 2001 (2001.08), I had added 40,000 words more to Joyce.  It occurred to me that the book was wandering, because I did not know what motivated the main character.
     I was a member of two writers' groups in Austin, Texas.  Sunday, 09 September 2001 (2001.09.09), as I was driving home from one group, the reason the character did what he did hit me.  When I got home, I rushed to my computer.  It is good that I type by touch, because I beat out 800 words despite the fact that I could not see my computer screen for the tears in my eyes.
     Tuesday, 11 September 2001 (2001.09.11), . . . well, we all known what happened that day.  For Joyce, one other thing happened.  My other writers' group met.  Few members came that night.  My offering of the 800-word prologue I had written Sunday was the only manuscript brought to the group.  Many liked the emotions, but I took a pounding for writing in present tense.  (I was reading William Gibson at the time, admiring his style, and his use of present tense influenced mine.)  I later changed the tense to simple past.
     More to come.

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