Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Journey of Heart of Stone 0.2

     This week in formatting:  Got the galleys back from Rob Siders.  He sent the galleys in a Kindle file attached to his email.  He also sent an example of edits to a galley file in an attached .pdf.  I loaded the first onto my Kindle and paged through it to see how it looked.
     I got a chill from the excitement of seeing Rob's beautiful work.  I really did.
     All squadrons at Officer Training School displayed their mottoes on their banners.  I recall that one squadron had the motto 'The Standard Is Excellence.'  From what I have seen, Rob Siders lives up to that squadron's motto.  I like that.
     This week in cover art:  No news.

* * *

     The Monday crush is getting to me.  Sometimes I don't dig out of the Monday hole until 6pm Wednesday. 
     The worst part is that the crush causes delays in my writing schedule.  My daily goal is 1,000 words.  I have not met that goal in . . . well, I'm not gonna tell you how long.  That would embarass me.  And now I have galleys to review. 
     The next novel to be written is Navel of the Moon.  Think of it as Harlequin romance science fiction.
     After Navel of the Moon will come a thriller, Radio Winnemucca.  Along the way and assuming I can get cover art for them, I shall publish some shorts (less than 7,500 words) and longs (more than 7,500 words).

* * *

     Joe Konrath posted an exceptional exchange between him and Barry Eisler.  Will do you good to read it.

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  1. Hanging around thriller writers reminds me why I like hanging around romance writers. Then I go hang with the romance writers for awhile, and I'm reminded why I like hanging around thriller writers. :s

    (Left a message here yesterday, but it disappeared into the ether.)