Friday, February 17, 2012

Firefox fits

Most times -- 49 out of 50 -- I run Linux and connect with Firefox. Why did I tell you this?

On Valentine's Day, I read Catherine Caffeinated (see blogroll). Catherine recommended Buffer (, a Twitter add-on. Her description of its features sounded cool, so I clicked and added a Buffer button to my Firefox browser.

Big mistake. Firefox crashed.

Three times I tried to restart Firefox, but each time the browser crashed. For several days, I had to connect using Internet Explorer on Windows XP. (I run a partitioned harddrive with Windows XP in the lower partition and Ubuntu Linux in the upper partition. I choose the opsys to boot at start-up.)

To make the problem worse, I had no other browser on the Linux side. Hey, Linux is infinitely more stable than Windows. What could cause a problem? Now I know.

This morning I started up Firefox and, after multiple tries, got it to download Chrome. When the download completed, Firefox crashed. I installed and booted Chrome and searched the web for a way to uninstall Firefox. I found that I could boot Firefox in safe-mode, search out the problem, and fix it. So I did. The problem was as suspected. Buffer. I removed Buffer. Firefox works again.

I place no blame on Catherine Howard. Buffer worked for her. But I run geeky-works, and the Buffer button did not work for me.

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