Thursday, June 28, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

1. Short review: 

2. Long review:
2.1. What I liked: The cameo appearance by Stan Lee (LOL funny). Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker; he looked the part.
Roller-coaster or walk-in-the-park? Roller coaster, but the wait to get on the ride was too long.

2.2. What I did not like:  A lot.
1. The story was Swiss cheese. There were too many holes in.
2. The slow pace. At 2 hours 16 minutes, the movie is AT LEAST half an hour too long. Be sure to go to the toilet RIGHT BEFORE you see the movie.
3. The set-up for the sequel. It comes after the credits start to roll (after the producer and director credits but before the cast credits). And it is not needed.

2.3. Who I think is the audience:  Marc Webb (the director).

2.4. Is the movie appropriate for children to see?  Yeah, but take 'em to see Brave instead.

2.5. On the basis of viewing this movie, will I pay to see the sequel? No.

2.6. Other:  How I rate movies.
-- I want my money back.
-- Worth a rental, not more. <-- The Amazing Spiderman
-- Worth first-run theater price once.
-- I will pay first-run theater price to see it again.

The Amazing Spiderman took an hour to get going. The first hour was just set-up and scenery shifting. The second hour was full of action but disjointed.

On the right side, Andrew Garfield gave a great rendition as Peter Parker; equal to or better than Toby Maguire's.

On the left side -- and there is a lot on the left side, the story had more holes in it than a wheel of Swiss cheese. Five samples (there are many, many more):

1. The young Peter Parker discovered his home had been broken into. His father dug a file out of the false bottom in his desk drawer, packed up his family, took Peter to stay with his Aunt Mae and Uncle Ben, and disappeared. Why run? Why leave the kid?

2. Peter Parker said his own self that he worked up his web and webspinners in his little lab. He was a tech wizard. So why did he haul around a butt load of film cameras?

3. With his new-found powers, Peter Parker taunted his high-school nemesis Eugene 'Flash' Thompson on the basketball court and leaped from half court to dunk and shatter the backstop. What did that display earn him? A stiff talking-to from the principal with his uncle present.  Were the writers brain-dead?

4. Uncle Ben got shot, and Peter hunted his killer. For a while. Then he gave up that hunt. Never found the killer. Did the writers think we wouldn't notice?

5. In the final chase, a cop shot Spiderman in the leg (from a hundred yards with a pistol while Spiderman was climbing the face of a building!). When the chase was over, Peter went home to Aunt May. She saw the scratches on his face and gave him a hug. Never a word about the gunshot wound in his leg. (Oh, BTW, the cop shot from Spiderman's left side but the entry wound was in the exterior of his right thigh with no noted exit wound.)
My wife had a two-for-one coupon that the theater honored. At that, it was worth the price of admission. Had I paid two full ticket prices, I would have been angry.

All in all, I would have preferred to stay home and watch John Carter on cable. 


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  1. Agree on all counts. The more I let it sink in, the less I like it. If they make sequels, they need to do more of the good and less of the pointless and boring that made this one so dry.

    A new director would help. This films works as a passable re-boot, but was filled with tons of boring.