Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apostate 1.1

     Next time I will put up the numbers from my NaNoWriMo Camp.

     That is what I said last time. That means this time is last time's next time. That means I put up the numbers from my NaNoWri Mo Camp.

     As advertised:

Navel of the Moon

Word Count

Date Day Total

2015 Apr 05 Sun 6,424 6,424

2015 Apr 06 Mon 1,003 7,427

2015 Apr 07 Tue 0 7,427

2015 Apr 08 Wed 0 7,427

2015 Apr 09 Thu 2,135 9,562

2015 Apr 10 Fri 0 9,562

2015 Apr 11 Sat 0 9,562

2015 Apr 12 Sun 0 9,562

2015 Apr 13 Mon 0 9,562

2015 Apr 14 Tue 976 10,538

2015 Apr 15 Wed 475 11,013

2015 Apr 16 Thu 2,194 13,207

2015 Apr 17 Fri 123 13,330

2015 Apr 18 Sat 0 13,330

2015 Apr 19 Sun 0 13,330
723 2015 Apr 20 Mon 1,127 14,457

2015 Apr 21 Tue 1,424 15,881

2015 Apr 22 Wed 814 16,695

2015 Apr 23 Thu 854 17,549

2015 Apr 24 Fri 0 17,549

2015 Apr 25 Sat 3,069 20,618

2015 Apr 26 Sun 2,124 22,742

2015 Apr 27 Mon 2,016 24,758

2015 Apr 28 Tue 1,679 26,437

2015 Apr 29 Wed 2,614 29,051
1635 2015 Apr 30 Thu 1,753 30,804

     Navel of the Moon is the title of the work.
     I did not track my word count until the fifth when I finished with a total of 6,424 words.
     April 1 to April 20, I wrote according to my former pantser model. If you look to the left of the entry for 2015 Apr 20, you will see the number 723. That is my average (mean) daily word count for the first twenty days of the month.
     A lot of goose eggs in those first twenty days, eh?
     April 21 -- highlighted above -- I began to use part of Rachel Aaron's system. Specifically, the knowledge part. I wrote a note about what was to happen next and then wrote the scene. The difference is clear. My average (mean) daily word count for the last ten days of the month was 1,635, more than double what it was previously. And only one goose egg.
     I think the results speak for themselves. If you disagree, leave a question in the comments. I will address it.
     Next time, clocking editing and writing.

Happy trails.

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  1. Looks good dude! Really upping that word count. I'm a huge fan of whatever works for the individual. I have no idea of how people pants so well, like DWS. I have equally no idea how people using Libby's system can stay interested in their work. Bah. I figure the more we write the more we'll figure out what works for our us. A highly individualized system. For myself I'm just a hobbyist, so I go for max fun over max production.

    How do you plan to get to your 4k goal? More hours?

    1. Stephen King is a pantser. Says he finds plotting too restrictive.

      I can see that Libbie spends for more time writing her outline than I imagine I ever will. This is a matter of personality. I am an INTJ. My subconscious is at least 10 times more powerful than my conscious mind. When the sub is ready to go, I can bang out good stuff fast. All I'm trying to do with my conscious mind is direct the stampede.

      I discovered that I can consistently put out 2,500+ words a day. Gonna try to crank that to 3,000. From there, I will do whatever I need to do to crank it up to 4k.

  2. Also what happened on those zero days? Busy? No writing those days? Or did you have to toss out the work because you took the wrong path?

    1. Hard to say now 'cause I did not keep a diary of my writing days. I'm pretty sure one day was eaten by the wife. No writing vs toss the work? Definitely no writing. Nothing tossed. And that's a departure from previous works.

  3. Sorry to comment so much, but I'd like to recommend a writing book. Syd Field's book Screenplay. It's not as well laid out as Libby's book but it was simple enough that even I understood it.